Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Marketing the old fashioned way doesn’t make the cut anymore.  You live and work in a technologically driven time, when the internet is where it’s at when it comes to marketing your small business.  

A strong online presence turns your sales floor into a global market and evens out the playing field between small and large operations.  You can compete more efficiently with other businesses in your industry when you have a thriving digital presence in your marketing toolbox.  

Take the time to consider these tips for your small business digital marketing plans, and start seeing more engagement from your target audience now.  

Make it easy for web users to contact your business

If you want your digital connections to be meaningful, you have to make it easy for web users to communicate with your business.  Add a detailed contact page to your business website like this pest control service in North Carolina did on their site.  

Your contact page is not enough, however.  Your social media pages, email connections, and other digital communication elements can help make your business available to customers 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  

Set forth on the social media front

Your digital marketing efforts are not complete without a big push to make waves on social media.  The quickest way to get your business seen online is to drum up a social media interest.  

Play your cards on several different social media platforms, and post regular content to keep your presence lively and relevant.  Also, add social media sharing icons throughout the design of your business website to help link the two platforms and boost visibility.  

Look into the specifics of your content design

This means that the way you use words in your text (whether visible to users, or not) makes a big impact on how your website is indexed by the search engines.  You want to be clear in the meaning and purpose of your content, so make sure the details add up. 

Fine tune the way you apply the concepts of SEO (search engine optimization), and work to place your business content at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) every time users search relevant terms.  

Exercise your email mailing list 

Use your website, your social media pages, and other digital platforms to gather and build your email mailing list.  Email connections are a great way to work on building rapport with interested consumers that have not yet made a purchase.  

Always cater to mobile users 

Consumers spend a lot of time accessing the internet from their smartphones these days, and your digital marketing efforts should account for the shift.  Mobile optimization is a crucial part of finding success online, so make sure you’re well versed in what it takes to please your mobile audience.

Infographic created by Clover Network, a merchant services company