Coolest Cars Used in Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road combines what you love most about a post-apocalyptic movie. It’s a little bit Sci-Fi, a little bit Adventure, and a whole lot of Action. Starring big names such as Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the Mad Max reboot depicts a tough woman that rebels against a tyrannical ruler with the help of female prisoners, a wild worshipper, and (of course) Max.

Audiences and critics alike raved about the great storyline, riveting performances, and jaw-dropping action scenes. However, it’s easily arguable that the true stars of the film were the insanely cool cars. While most of the characters could probably benefit from these lemon law attorneys at Conn Law, the concepts used in making these vehicles were spectacular. 

The filmmakers took every opportunity to make the vehicles used in Mad Max as real and authentic as possible, making them cars that could exist in the real world to some degree. Here are some of the coolest cars used in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Fully assembled from four vintage second-hand 1959 Cadillac Devilles, the Gigahorse looks as cool as it sounds. This monstrosity required constant cooling to keep it running in the desert heat, so the crew built an irrigation system that used 44-gallon drums of water to cool it.

The Interceptor

Giving nod to previous films, The Interceptor was redesigned to fit the modern tone of the Mad Max reboot. Filmmakers gave it a powerful new engine, lots of cool weapons, and an eye-catching matte silver paint job. 

The War Rig

When you take one-part Chevy Fleetmaster and one-part Czechoslovakian Tatra, you get a massive six-wheel-drive 18-wheel truck that is The War Rig. This battling beauty, powered by twin V-8 engines, was featured in almost every big action scene of the movie.

Buzzard Excavator

Covered from one end to the other with 1,757 steel spikes, the Buzzard Excavator is a force to be reckoned with. The Buzzards, who were the lowest members of society, created the Excavator out of scrap parts and an old 6X6 tractor for the body. 


With the body of a 1940’s Fargo Workhorse truck and 66-inch all-terrain tires, the Bigfoot is ready to climb any obstacles. In the movie, this huge truck is outfitted with a V-8 engine, harpoon, and a machine-gun. To top it all off, Bigfoot features 4-foot suspension

The People Eater Limo

The front of this car is an old Mercedes stretch limousine and the back is a bunch of tanks that generate fuel as the People Eater Limo is driven. The limo portion of the People Eater is mounted on an old truck body. All this made its demise one of the biggest explosions in the film. This setup in real life would be one good reason as to why you should hire a car accident lawyer

Doof Wagon

Given the nickname “sonic-Carmageddon” by Warner Brothers Studios, this vehicle has 60 Marshall speakers and air-conditioning ducts that amplify the beats of the drums. The Doof Wagon also has a mobile traveling stage and a supercharged V-8 engine.

The Peacemaker

This military tank features a top body of an old Valiant Charger and is trimmed out with bits and pieces of old airplanes. The Peacemaker is decked out with water-cooled V-8 engines to keep it cool in the desert heat. It also has ultra-bright lamps and sharp teeth that look anything but peaceful.