Clancey Yohman Shares The Top Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Should Avoid

Clancey Braxton Yohman marketing tips

With the advent of technology, brand owners have gradually shifted from relying primarily on conventional marketing to using digital marketing to raise awareness. The ability to reach a larger audience makes digital marketing more popular, but if done correctly, it might lead to a loss of time and money.

To avoid wasting resources, a brand must get to know the possible errors it could make while implementing its digital marketing strategies. Below are some of the most typical mistakes brands make and how to prevent them. These suggestions, shared by Clancey Yohman, a renowned business and marketing expert, will ultimately increase brand awareness, lead generation, and sales.

Inconsistency in content creation

According to Clancey Yohman, content creation is the backbone of digital marketing. Despite its obvious value, some brands have made it a habit to share content with their target audience irregularly. The drawback is that some of their customers can get disinterested in the brand and start buying from their rivals. Additionally, a lack of consistency can lower the brand’s rating in search engine results.

Although maintaining the required consistency may be challenging, having a content calendar set up to plan and schedule articles, as well as identifying the kinds of material that will appeal to the target market, can help reduce the stress of the process.

No proper planning

Sometimes, brand owners only provide a budget to take care of digital marketing expenses without adequately planning and mapping out a clear strategy and goal to implement their objectives.

A lack of planning leaves the brand vulnerable to uncertainties that might hinder the digital market efforts from yielding positive results. It also implies that there would be no backup plan if something goes wrong.

Changing this mindset on planning will give the brand a real foothold to implement its objectives and make it easy to monitor the progress of those goals.

Not keeping up with modern trends

Old methods of attracting leads that worked in the past might not be valuable in the future; likewise, customers’ desires and likes will change from time to time.

In most cases, these changes happen in line with trends in the world, particularly on social media platforms. Clancey Yohman explained that brands that need to adjust their digital marketing strategies and campaign to include elements of the new trends may wind up being redundant and outmoded. On the upside, those who carefully apply those trends will be able to generate leads that can result in sales.

Failing to give room for feedback

In one of Clancey Yohman’s nuggets about digital marketing, he opined that customers will always have one or two elements about a brand they think could be improved upon or possible suggestions for the following product that should be introduced to the market. This and many other reasons make it evident that customer feedback is crucial and should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, brands miss a rare chance to develop stronger relationships with their audience and fine-tune their services to be customer-centered when they only deploy their digital marketing efforts without allowing for input from the target market. This might be easily prevented by incorporating case studies and consumer surveys into their digital marketing campaign.