Buy Cashmere Cardigan Online from Quinn

Cashmere or wool – which fabric do I choose for my next cardigan? Is this question playing in your mind every time you search for a cardigan online? Many people face the same dilemma as you. At Quinn, we recommend you buy a cashmere cardigan instead of a woolen one. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Our cashmere cardigans provide eight times more insulation than wool. They can keep you warm even if you visit some of the coldest countries in this world.
  • Touch a cashmere cardigan from Quinn and compare it with a woolen counterpart. You will feel that cashmere is much softer than wool.
  • Many woolen cardigans have a scratchy texture, thus making you itch frequently. This happens because the density of fibers in wool is not as high as in cashmere. You wouldn’t feel itchy even if you wear our cashmere cardigan after washing it hundreds of times.
  • Our cashmere cardigans are lightweight, yet they keep you warm, thanks to their excellent insulating qualities. Woolen cardigans are usually heavier compared to cashmere.
  • The durability of our cardigans is also much more than some of the best woolen cardigans. Buy a Quinn cashmere cardigan and you can expect it to last for at least 10 years, if not more.

Quinn cashmere cardigans

The above reasons prove why you should buy a cashmere cardigan from Quinn instead of investing in woolen counterparts. At Quinn, we focus on the quality of the cashmere. We feel that the yarn and quality of the stitching make a huge difference in the final product. That is why we source the cashmere from Inner Mongolia, the place that supplies approximately 40% of the total cashmere in the world.

Here are a few reasons why you will find our cashmere cardigan better than other brands:

  1. Length of fibers – The quality of the cashmere fiber depends on two factors: length and thickness. We mostly use long fibers so that they make the cardigans durable and resistant to fiber piling. The average lengths of our cashmere fibers range from 28 mm to 42 mm. These are sourced from the underbelly and neck regions of the goats. Hence, they are more expensive than the fibers collected from the rest of the body.
  1. Thickness of fibers – Apart from the fiber’s length, its thickness also plays a crucial role in determining the quality of cashmere. The rule of thumb to identify high-quality cashmere is checking whether the fabric thickness is between 14 and 15.5 microns. You can measure the thickness of a cashmere cardigan from Quinn. We guarantee that it will measure below 15.5 microns. Some brands add resin to their cardigans to make them seem soft. We don’t follow such gimmicks. Our mission is to provide 100% satisfaction with our products. We feel that if you trust our brand after buying a cashmere cardigan, you may recommend us to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Our team believes in growing organically and not through some marketing gimmick.
  1. Number of ply – Once you buy a cashmere cardigan from us, make sure you check its ply. You will notice that it contains a two-ply knitting structure. Two-ply knitting means twisting two threads of yarn together so that they provide a more resistant knit. You may come across cardigans with single-ply knit, but they won’t be as durable as ours. Two-ply knitting also locks the warmth of the cardigan once you wear it.
  1. Type of fibers – Let us tell you a secret regarding how many brands are able to provide cashmere cardigans at unbelievable prices. There are two types of cashmere fibers: virgin and recycled. The virgin fiber goes through a yarning process for the first time. On the other hand, recycled fiber comes from old fabrics and waste left over from virgin fiber. Brands that sell cashmere products at prices that are too good to be true usually use recycled cashmere fiber. But we don’t. We use virgin fiber that makes our cardigans durable, softer, and can keep you warm even when it’s freezing cold.

Washing our cashmere cardigans

Should I machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean our cashmere cardigans? We often get this question from our customers. It is always best to hand wash your cashmere cardigan with cool water. Make sure you turn the cardigan inside out before washing. You can mix a mild detergent powder in water and soak the cardigan for a few hours. Wash it later until the lather goes away. Don’t bleach the cardigan. Dry cleaning may also work, but make sure you ask the expert to use a delicate detergent.

Quinn is a hub when it comes to cashmere cardigans. We have tons of designs, colors, and sizes available at attractive prices. If you want high-quality cashmere that can last for years, you should consider us without any doubts in your mind.