Budgeting for Your Next Move

The power of a budget is impressive. However, it is only as useful as the person wielding it. Suppose you want to make your next move super affordable. Then, you better start preparations ASAP. Otherwise, you will quickly spend yourself in a hole.

1. The Cost of Moving   

Moving doesn’t have to be as expensive as most people expect. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars when changing addresses. Here are a few common areas of expense that you should prepare for.

Hiring Moving Services   

Moving out of a home is a lot different than moving out of a college dorm room. Most of the time, you’ll have so many things that it is impossible to do without help. Therefore, expect to spend some money on hiring some extra hands.

Transporting Large Items   

Suppose you have more than one vehicle. You can only drive one of them to your new place. Thus, you’ll have to pay for the shipping on the others.

Should You Get a Truck?   

Sometimes, you can get by with fewer hired hands as long as you have the truck. In some cases, it would make sense to rent one. On the other hand, it can cost over $100 a day. So, you should make sure that you include rental truck fees in your budget.

2. How to Save on Moving Costs    

Now, look at all of the different categories of expenses. Each of these represents a new area where you can find savings. Ultimately, the more work you put into this step, the better your results will be on your budget.

Do the Work Yourself   

Hiring other people is the most costly part of moving. By doing the work yourself, you can reduce the amount you spend on this substantially.

Price Shop on Everything   

Never accept the first price that you are offered. With only a few moments of research, you can find better deals. Ultimately, the more you look for better prices, the more of them you will find.

Limit the Number of Trips You Take While Moving   

Of course, multiple trips do not help your budget at all. Thus, minimizing the amount you travel back and forth is vital. Otherwise, each added trip is a little extra to pay for.

3. Moving and Packing Guide   

If you want to move as efficiently as possible, you need to plan it out. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting both time and money. As long as you have an effective plan, your next move will be even more affordable than your last. Ultimately, when you arrive, you want things to go smoothly. Here are a few tips to help things move along at your new place.

Transferring Utilities and Internet   

Before you arrive, contact Comonwealth Edison. Then, tell them about your arrival date. That way, you can start unpacking in a home that is already receiving power. Why would you want to spend the first few days without any electricity if you can avoid it? Following that, do the same with all of the other important services for your home. Wi-Fi would be a perfect example. Everyone is a little different. So, your necessary services may vary.

Updating Important Information   

Updating your driver’s license, voter’s registration, and other important information is essential. Otherwise, you might not remember later down the road. It would be better to go ahead and get it taken care of before you forget.

Pack and Unpack in Order of Importance   

As you pack your things up, consider which things you will need first. You want to pack those up last. That way, they are easy to locate when you arrive.

Why You Should Plan Out Your Move   

Having a plan is essential if you don’t want to overspend. Unless you are flush with cash, you’ll be happy that you created a budget. Spend the leftover money on a nice night out to celebrate after you finish.