Better Boots, Better Job Experience

I have worn quite a few boots in my, in many different jobs. If you earn your living on your feet, what you are wearing on them is going to have a huge impact on your whole job experience. That applies to shoes as well as boots, but in this article, I will focus on boots. Work boots can be your vehicle, your office, and a valuable tool as well. There is nothing more enjoyable than a bit of demolition aided by a well-made pair of steeled toed boots. It is natural to try and save money on your boots, but it would be a mistake not to get the best boots you can afford. Especially if you are going to be in them every workday.

  • Good boots conserve your energy: It may seem logical that walking to the top of a hill requires would require the same amount of energy despite your footwear. This is not true at all. Good boots conserve your energy by holding your feet in place and applying good grip to the ground, with limited ankle twist and slippage. The effect creates leverage and this leverage Puts more energy into your forward motion, instead of wasting it through bad traction. The first person to get tired on the hike is always the guy with the wrong footwear. A friend of mine from Thailand picks tea on steep hillsides in the rainy season. I gave her a pair of high-quality second-hand hiking boots. In the years since then, she has bought herself two more pairs. It is unthinkable now for her to go to work without a good pair of boots.


  • No safety concerns: Many job sites are loaded with potential foot trauma. A well-crafted work boot will keep you safe from nearly all potential injuries to your foot. With confidence in your boots, you can focus on doing your job. There is a long list of safety considerations that go into boot construction. Impact, compression, electrostatic discharge, slip resistance and anti-puncture soles. Fit, and overall comfort are safety features as well. For the very best quality safety boots in Sydney, contact Industrial Workwear Direct.


  • Pride in appearance: A good pair of boots is something to be proud of. Quite often you can tell the quality of a boot just by looking at it. When you see the quality, you respect the person who’s wearing those boots. You just know that those boots are making their day better, and they are worth the price paid for them. You never know, but a good pair of boots could give you that edge you need for promotion.

We haven’t quite reached the stage in society where manual labour is entirely accomplished by large machines and robots. And may it never happen. I hope there will always be a need for boots on the ground, and people to get the job done. We need to keep our feet protected, and beyond that we should have boots that help get that work done. You need a good pair of boots that will keep you working and safe.