Amped Local Shares: Coronavirus Marketing Strategy Checklist For Real Estate Agents

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the real estate industry, but not in ways you might think. There are more houses sitting on the market, and with mortgage rates hovering around record lows, it’s actually a great time to buy properties. 

For real estate agents, this unique confluence of events has left the industry rattled: there are plenty of homes on the market, and even potential buyers, but the process of actually showing and selling homes is different. Due to social distancing guidelines, real estate agents need to make sure they’re going to proper precautions, and it can be hard to coax buyers to actually come to showings.

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In order to overcome these obstacles, Amped Local, an internet marketing agency specializing in SEO techniques, is sharing a coronavirus marketing strategy checklist for real estate agents.


  • Utilize FacebookAds to reach the proper audience


Amped Local says an excellent place to start is by making sure you’re utilizing digital ads on social media sites, to reach your target audience and grow your social following in the process. Many agents are more strapped for resources, as are potential buyers. 

Doing careful research into your specific audience, whether you’re buying or selling, can save you money and energy in the long run.


  • Create landing pages to acquire emails and phone numbers


Building a list of leads is important as a real estate agent, but it’s especially important now, when less leads may be coming on their own. By creating landing pages which collect crucial information like names and phone numbers, you’ll be building a robust list of potential buyers and sellers, which will come in handy.

If you need help putting together a killer landing page, we suggest checking out these 5 clever real estate landing pages that converts like crazy:


  • Get comfortable contacting potential leads via email or even better, on the phone


Following up with leads can help you close critical deals, and the sooner you make direct contact, the better your chances are. A phone call or even video call can really make a difference to your potential clients and help them see the value in working with you.


  • Start adopting video marketing


If you haven’t already started utilizing video marketing, now is an excellent time to. Your potential clients are spending more time online than ever before, and eye-catching video marketing can help you attract more leads than ever before.