7 Things You Should Know Before Taking Any Drug Test

Given the recent rise in drug usage around the globe, drug tests have become increasingly popular. While courts and doctors have been conducting these tests to ascertain drug abuse, more and more employers rely on them to hire suitable employees for their companies. Despite the reason, taking a drug test can be an intimidating task. 


Do you have to undertake a drug test, and you have no idea what to do? Keep reading and find the answers to all of your questions about drug tests.


Why is the screening used?


Drug screening or tests can determine whether or not an individual has used a specific drug or drugs. It has uses in areas like:


  • Workplace: Employers can screen you for on-the-job drug use before and after hiring.
  • Organizations for sports: Professional and college athletes submit to a drug test to check for the use of performance-enhancing drugs or other substances.
  • Legal or forensic reasons: Testings have become a critical part of legal proceedings. They play a significant role in criminal or automobile accident investigations. Court drug tests are actual proof in cases where the offender is intoxicated or under the influence of any drug.
  • Opioid usage is being monitored: If you’ve been prescribed an opioid for any chronic pain, your doctor can request a drug test to ensure you’re taking the correct dosage.

What are things to keep in mind before a drug test?


Here are some things which you need to remember before you go for any drug test:

It is best to avoid drugs before an interview.


More than 50% of the jobs in the USA require a drug test. In case you’re planning to apply for a job or are going through the interviewing process, do yourself a favor and completely stop using drugs. It is essential to do so in the days and even weeks preceding job interviews if you want to report drug use negatively.

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Discover How Long Those Drugs Last in Your System


You might be in the process of applying for jobs and suspect that drug usage is going to be a problem for you. Discontinuing your drug use may not be an option in case you are using it for medical reasons. However, depending on the substance you’ve used, the medicinal drug might also become a problem for your drug test.


Different drugs remain in the system for varying amounts of time. If you are getting tested, you must know for how long the substance will stay in your system:


  • Marijuana: Till 11 weeks
  • Alcohol: Till 24 hours
  • Heroin: Till four days
  • PCP: Till two weeks
  • Cocaine: Till four days


Hair tests will detect THC and other substances in your scalp and body hair for an extended period. Most of the laboratories take 1.5 inches of your hair for testing, and they can detect traces of cannabinoids as far as 90 days from its usage.

Know the test that you will take


Almost all employers can conduct marijuana drug tests on work applicants. Some can, however, screen for cocaine, opiates, MDMA, barbiturates, and other narcotics. You should ask your employer or peers to figure out what types of drugs the company tests for. It will give you an improved idea of whether you will be able to pass the exam or not.

Home remedies do not always work.


Plenty of people depend on a plethora of home remedies in an attempt to clear a drug examination. These treatments range from niacin and bleach to vinegar and cranberry juice. Some people swear by natural cures. But, more often, they will not solve your problem. They can also be hazardous for you, especially in some cases involving substances like bleach. 

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Avoid Adding Something to a Drug Test Sample


People often attempt to add items to urine samples during drug testing to change the outcome. It is not weird for people to experiment with bleach, soap detergent, vinegar, and other substances to tamper with a sample. When you do this, the testing agencies will almost always catch you. There are strict laws regarding cheating in a drug test. 

Flush your system


Can drinking a lot of water before a drug test help you pass it? Maybe. Depending on which substance you’re using, flushing your system by drinking a lot of water might work for you. However, if you take this approach, drug inspectors might believe that you tried to dilute the sample on purpose. 

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Cleansing your system is something you can try to do before a drug test. Allowing the body to wash naturally is the best way to do this. This process can cost you up to 45 days, but it is the most successful alternative.

The documents required to take a drug test


Most testing offices will need at least one form of I.D. proof (typically a photograph I.D.) and the printed material provided by the place recruiting in case of a job. They need proof of a person’s identity to help them keep a record of tests and ensure that the results do not get mixed up.

The Bottom Line


Undergoing a drug test can be a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of its basics. Whether you are taking a drug test for medical reasons or hiring purposes, you must thoroughly research it. If you are worried about appearing for a drug test, keep the seven things in mind, and you will most definitely be prepared for any test.