6 Ways to Improve Your Cloud Storage Security

Cloud storage has quickly been replacing the use of USBs and hard drives in recent years, and as people grow to trust it more, it seems like this is a trend that’ll continue into the future. However, while there are many advantages of cloud storage, it’s not perfect. 

There are security risks involved that people will need to be aware of to protect their information. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at six actions that’ll help to improve the security credentials of your cloud storage usage.

Don’t Use It for Sensitive Information 

The cloud can be used to store a lot of your files and documents and so on, but it shouldn’t be used for every type of document. If there are files that contain sensitive information, information that you positively would not want anyone else to see, then it’s best to leave them off the cloud. Even if you did have sensitive information in the cloud, it’s still unlikely that anyone would be able to access it. But if you’re looking to be as secure as possible, then leave those files elsewhere. 

Create Complicated Passwords 

People often choose passwords they know they’ll remember, which often means using the same one they’ve used for other websites. They use them all the time, and may never have an issue. So what’s the concern? Well, it only takes one issue to cause chaos. 

The reason security experts encourage more complicated passwords is that hackers are continually creating easier ways of hacking into an account and bypassing simple passwords. The vast majority of passwords can be cracked within seconds by people who know what they’re doing. If you have long passwords that contain a mixture of letters and numbers and characters, then it’ll be much more difficult, if not impossible. 

Learn How the Storage Work

We talk about ‘cloud storage’ as if it’s just one thing. But that’s not really the case. Cloud storage is the idea; the execution of that idea is in the hands of the company in charge of providing the storage. And they’re not all created equally. 

As with all things you can buy, there are good and bad companies out there. Before agreeing to a plan, be sure to read up on the details of the contract. What is the company allowed to share; do they work for you, or you for them? 

Use a Cloud Service with Encryption 

The cloud is a great way to store types of information, but it’s best if you have it secure with added encryption. If the host website is secure, then so is your data. It’s the companies that don’t take encryption seriously that cause problems. 

It’s very crucial to have these security measures nowadays. Talking about storing sensitive information, if you’re in the healthcare business storing patient information, you may partner with IT support for healthcare businesses. You can leave them this security work while focusing on other important matters of your business.

Multi-Factor Authentication 

We mentioned having a strong password above. You could also consider multi-factor authentication; if someone did somehow manage to crack your password, they would still have another hurdle to clear before gaining access to your documents. 

Vulnerability Testing 

Finally, take a look at vulnerability testing. This is the process of intentionally targeting access to your system to see how strong it is. It’ll identify the areas in which you have to improve. 

By using the added security measures, you can better ensure that you are storing your information securely. Contact an https://gtgnetworks.com/ to find out what type of security plan your business would best benefit from.