5 Ways To Help Your Painting Business Survive Covid-19

The coronavirus has practically crippled America and put businesses in a halt. This can be extremely damaging especially to those that depend on their business.

Luckily for any painters, we have some solutions to get your business through the pandemic. 

Throughout this article, we’re going to deep dive into the 5 ways that you can revive your business and get back to the success you were having.

Let’s get started!

Find The Opportunities

The first but possibly hard to accomplish is to find any opportunity you can. Although everything is shut down and it can be hard to run a business, there are some loopholes.

First of all, many people all over are bored at home browsing the internet. This is the perfect time to get your business out there. It might be smart to start lining clients up for after the virus. 

Bring your business to the online world is vital. Truth is, the world is going digital and it’s time to keep up with it if you haven’t already. This is the perfect chance to set up a Facebook page as well as a website.

Train With Your Team

Although it could be financially tight at the moment, try your best to keep your staff as they rely on you and your business. 

The best way to handle the situation is to train them instead of letting them go. 

Doing this will allow your business to come out firing as soon as restrictions are lifted. With a team full of people that have been training throughout the virus they’ll rack up some serious skills that will benefit you tremendously.

You can try setting up a zoom call and giving your team some tasks to complete. Or just brainstorm for the future of the business.

Plan For The Future

Typically when you’re busy painting homes you can’t really take much time out of the day to plan for the future.

But while in quarantine, there’s no better chance. 

With a  few months of planning and dedication, you can revive all those dreams and goals you’ve had as a business owner.

It’s smart to plan everything out to truly achieve your business goals.

Don’t Panic

The most important rule is to not panic. This is vital for your business to survive.

This is much easier said than done especially when cash is running low. The best thing to do is to take care of yourself first rather than your business. It’s a great idea to eat well and even get some exercise. 

Eventually, the virus will come to an end and when it does, your business will be booming as everyone has been staring at the same boring walls throughout quarantine. Eventually, they’ll want a fresh paint job.

Look For Some Assistance

Truth is, it can be hard to remain financially stable when there’s no business out there. 

There is some good news out there they may just need some extra support. In most cases, your business will be able to get financial support.

This can relieve a large amount of stress and hopefully get you through the virus.

Be sure to check with your bank, local government, and every resource you can if you really need the support.

Final Thoughts


With a global pandemic, it can be hard to keep your painting company afloat. But the good news is that there are some options and things you can do in the meantime.

So whether it’s training your staff or planning for the future of the business the opportunities are endless. 

Setting yourself up for success post-virus is the best thing you can do. So when the virus comes to an end you’ll be flooded with work along with a team that’s ready to take on that work.