5 Ways To Become A Transformative Nurse Coach

If you have already become a registered nurse, you may want something more. Providing your services to help people in need is part of your job. However, you may want to expand your influence by becoming a transformative nurse coach. These are individuals that feel a calling to enhance the lives of not only sick or injured people but to also help nurses become better. Here are five ways that you can become a transformative nurse coach that can improve the lives of your patients and registered nurses just like you.

The Evolution Of Nursing

When many people think of the profession of nursing, the historical accounts of Florence Nightingale often come to mind. As the years have gone by, medical improvements and strategies have arisen, leading to the modern medical community that we have today. Nursing is still a very popular profession. For some, it’s about the money. However, for many people that go into the field of nursing, it is because they care about other people. In that sense, nursing has not changed so much. The internal intent to become a helper, which can lead to healing others, is still an innate part of this profession. However, in our modern times, going beyond the nursing profession has become a motivational factor for many people in this industry.

The Evolution Of Holistic Healing

Going as far back as ancient China, the concept of holistic healing has its place in history. Prior to the advent of modern hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs, practitioners only had access to natural herbs and remedies. However, holistic healing is not just about medications, regardless of their origin. It is about looking at the entire individual. This includes the type of diet that they consume, exercise, their mental state, and even spiritual aspects of their life which can prove to be important when it comes to healing. Today, unlike just a decade ago, the concept of holistic healing is becoming more prominent. It is even used when addressing ways of improving how nurses interact with each other and share knowledge that they learn. It is for this reason that nurse coaches have arisen in recent years.

What Is The Goal Of The Nurse Coach

In general, it is a registered nurse that would like to go far beyond addressing symptoms that need to be managed. This is a holistic way of looking at nursing, helping people to heal from the inside out. This involves looking at not just physical issues, but social, spiritual, and mental issues that can help you improve their lives even more. In the same way that ancient cultures recognized the body and mind connection, modern nurses, as well as physicians, are recognizing the importance of a more holistic approach to modern medicine.

What Should You Focus Upon?

There are several different aspects of becoming a better nurse that extends beyond formal training. This will involve helping people understand the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise, sleep management, mindfulness, and also relationships. All of these categories must be addressed in incremental ways, each of which will relate to the other. You can use these strategies to empower nurses to also utilize these techniques to help their patients recover.

Five Ways To Become A Transformational Nurse-Coach

The term transformational often relates to significant changes that occur. You are also a health coach, focused on the well-being of each individual. The first step is often obtaining additional training to become a health and wellness nurse that is a board-certified professional. This additional verified credentialing can only be obtained through a board-certified examination from the ABSNC. The second step is to assess your priorities. You need to know what your primary focus is going to be. Will it be enhancing someone’s health, improving their emotional state, or helping them mitigate their disease? By choosing a primary focus, you can become more adept as a nurse. Third, interpersonal communications should be your next priority. Learning how to interact with other nurses, and your patients, at a more personal level. Fourth, you need to find a mentor that can share their knowledge and experience with you. They will also be helpful in answering any questions. Finally, you need to act and utilize the skills and certifications that you have obtained. In doing so, you will truly begin to transform as a nurse that will help the people that you will encounter in your profession.

By using this simple five-step strategy, you can quickly become more adept as a nurse. Although you may already have the skills necessary to do your job as a nurse, some want to take this even further. By focusing on a more holistic way of looking at nursing, you can expand your own abilities. If nursing is your profession of choice, it might be time for you to become a transformational nurse coach through The Nurse Coach Collective.