5 Premier Holidays you Probably Haven’t Considered

We all love the annual holiday, when you get a chance to recharge your batteries in an exotic tropical paradise setting, however, if you take the same beachside resort year after year, it can become repetitive. If you think outside of the box, there are holiday experiences with so much to offer in the way of adventure, comfort and unique environments, and with that in mind, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Cruising Antarctic – As far as cruise holidays go, you could not find a better destination than the mystical Antarctic, with stunning natural ice as the backdrop, where you can observe whales and other marine creatures in their natural habitat. One has to experience this amazing continent at least once, and if you board the ship in Australia, you will be in the mysterious Antarctic within a few days.
  2. Trans-Siberian Railway – The most iconic train journey in the world is still running, and if you fancy a trip across the wilderness of Russia, an online search will help you locate an established Trans-Siberian tour operator. You have a choice of routes; you could visit the steppes of Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar, plus you can end your journey in China, which is another enchanting land of mystery and intrigue.
  3. Yacht Charter Holidays in Indonesia – There are literally thousands of tropical islands that make up Indonesia, and with a Google search, you can be talking to a specialist company that offers luxury yacht charter in Indonesia. The provider knows the region extremely well and can help put together the best route, plus sailing on a superyacht is something not be missed, as you are surrounded by luxury.
  4. Husky Sleighing in Finland – If you are prepared for the cold weather and would like to experience a dog sled team in Finland, this can be arranged. Stay in an igloo and travel for a couple of days at a time, as the guide takes you to all the best locations, and you get to see the abundance of wildlife, not that you would know if the guide hadn’t told you. This once-in-a-lifetime experience would take a week to ten days and would involve staying with Innuit people, who are very friendly and hospitable. Search online for details, and yes, Christmas is the busiest time.
  5. Motorhome Holidays – The latest generation of motorhomes have everything including the kitchen sink, and a lot more besides. You can combine comfort with natural beauty if you rent out a motorhome for a couple of weeks, and you are not restricted regarding destination and can therefore enjoy the freedom and independence that only comes with a motorhome holiday.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone and the adventure holiday market is steadily growing, as more and more people look for something a little different. All it takes to find a tour operator is a Google search and the rest is easy.