4 Tips For Crafting a Winning LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn was established in 2003 as a social media network for business professionals. Now, almost two decades later, the mega-business networking company has more than 675 million active users on the platform. As one of the main destinations for businesses to build their brands online, creating and maintaining a winning LinkedIn profile is paramount to entrepreneurial success.

Whether you are looking to create a LinkedIn profile or rebuild yours from scratch, let’s leap into how you can craft a winning LinkedIn business profile through four simple tips and tricks.

1) Tell a Story With Your Summary – The summary section of your LinkedIn Profile is where the heart of your business must be laid bare. Rather than showcasing everything about your company in a personality-devoid list, consider weaving a story around your profile.

Don’t just rely on your job title and industry jargon to do the heavy lifting. Invest some time into showing where you started, what you’ve done, and where you are at today. The better (true!) story you have, the more memorable your profile will become.

2) Be Professional and Personable – We are living at a point in time where companies and customers are waging an invisible battle. As social media continues to strengthen the position of the consumer, professionals must endeavor to become more than just a job title. Consumers are tired of faceless corporate names that seem removed from day-to-day life.

Instead of sticking to corporate plain-speak, consider incorporating a few dashes of your personality. Here’s an example of a LinkedIn profile that showcases professional information while still instilling some personality. You want to be memorable, not robotic.

3) Invest in Social Engagement – Your LinkedIn profile isn’t something that should sit static and untouched. Instead, you should make browsing LinkedIn part of your daily work experience. Continue to build your network by connecting with people within your field, syncing your phone/address book with LinkedIn, and posting updates to your page.

When you create a steady stream of positive content, the world will take notice. More importantly, your LinkedIn network will grow and as a result, so will you. Remember, there are almost 700 million active users on LinkedIn and as we learned in school, networking is key.

4) Invest In Professional Aesthetics – You can’t post a selfie from Facebook to your business page and expect consumers not to judge you. While we personally love the perfect selfie, we understand the need for business professional imagery when showcasing our work. As a result, you should take some time to get a well-lit and professional-looking headshot done for your profile.

You can also invest in a series of corporate headshots to sprinkle throughout the rest of your online profile directory. Creating a consistent look from one platform to the next will help to sell your brand as a cohesive entity. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, but you should at least invest in a picture that clearly and professionally represents who you are and what you aim to accomplish.