4 Things to Do On Your Day Off

When we work a busy job, our days off are precious. Often, we use this time to catch up on all of our to-do’s that we’ve been putting off. However, statistics show that the people who have the greatest satisfaction in life are the ones that make full use of their days off to do what they truly enjoy.

After all, how can you expect to recharge your battery if you spend your day off running around with just as much exertion as you do on your working days? To avoid feeling tired when you go back to work, here are some of the best things to do on your day off.

Leave Town

It’s easy to find ourselves slipping into the daily grind. Part of being an adult is routine which often involves waking up, working, eating, and sleeping. It’s easy to find ourselves losing motivation to work when we get stuck in a routine like this.

Use your days off to break up the monotony of your daily to do’s and change scenery a little bit. Put on your riding jacket and get on your motorcycle. Go to another town and see new sights. You might find that going to a new place can give you a fresh outlook on life and more motivation to continue working hard.

Get Your To-Do’s Done Early

If you have errands that you need to run, then by all means do them, just don’t take all day to do them. Get them done early in the morning so you can use the rest of your day to do things that you truly love and enjoy. If you have a full list of errands, knock a few out early, and save the rest of the list for another day off if possible. That way, you get everything done in stages rather than all at once risking a burnout.


Even if you’re an early riser, it’s important that you allow yourself to rest at least a little bit on your day off. Sleep in just a little bit longer and give yourself those extra needed Z’s that you really require. Sleep is one of the most precious tools we have to recharge ourselves and boost our energy levels.

If you exercise on your workdays, consider using your day off as your rest day. Give your body what it needs to recuperate fully or it’s not really a day off at all.  While you’re at it, take a nap if you want to! What better day to take a nap than your day off?

Explore Your Passions

Exploring your passions apart from work is part of a whole and happy existence. On your days off, it’s crucial that you enjoy them.  If you don’t have any hobbies yet, then you should start exploring some. Try a few out until you find one that excites you. The more hobbies you have outside of your workplace, the more balanced your life will be and the more motivated you’ll be to work when it’s crunch time.

See Your Friends

When work is extremely busy, it’s easy to find reasons not to see our friends. However, a rich social life is an important part of a whole and worthwhile existence. Make time to meet up with your friends for a cup of coffee or lunch, to get that social fix that your psyche requires to be happy.