3 Tips For Writing Content For A Senior Audience

If you have a business that markets to people in an older demographic but you’re not in that demographic yourself, you may be struggling with how to best cater the content you’re creating for this group of people. Luckily, there are some guidelines that you can follow that will make it easier for you to create content for this audience as well as see the content you create find success in this market.

To assist you with this, here are three tips for writing content for a senior audience. 

Use Clear And Relatable Language

One thing that can be hard to adjust in your writing, especially if you’re used to writing more conversationally, is to use language that will be viewed as clear and relatable to an older audience.

According to Liz Seegert, a contributor to the Association of Health Care Journalists, things like the cognitive decline that comes with age or side effects from certain medications can make it hard for seniors to grasp language or concepts that seem foreign to them. Knowing this, you should try your best to explain things very clearly in the text that you create. Along with this, it’s best to avoid any kind of jargon or slang when writing for this audience. While this can be hard to take yourself out of your own narrative and put yourself into someone else’s, you’ve got to be able to do this if you want to content you create to connect with this demographic. 

Take Advantage Of Familiar Faces

Just because you’re having to spell things out a little more clearly with your text doesn’t mean that everything you’re creating has to be bland or boring. In fact, what your content might need to get the attention of an older audience is a little bit of celebrity.

Dan S. Kennedy and Chip Kessler, contributors to Entrepreneur.com, share that using a celebrity to endorse or convey the messaging of your content can go a long way toward building a rapport or making an impression on older audiences. Especially if you use the right celebrities, like ones you might hear about when walking the hallways of an assisted living community, you could find that your content is much more impactful.  

Keep Things Visually Simple

While keeping the design simple for all marketing materials is a good rule of thumb, this is something that you should be especially cognizant of when targeting an older demographic.

According to Larry Alton, a contributor to SEM Rush, what you don’t want is for important pieces of your content to get lost or overlooked because the design of your asset was too busy or difficult to read. With this in mind, always opt for something clean and simple when designing content for seniors. 

If you’re needing to create content that will resonate with an older demographic, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.