3 Tips For Juggling Work And Parenthood

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, it’s probably accurate to say that work takes up more time than anything else in your life. But what happens when something even more important comes along, like children? Juggling work and parenthood can be overwhelming, stressful, and just downright difficult at times. 

Not everyone can afford to hire a nanny. Luckily many people have had successful careers while raising children and there are tons of tips and tricks out there. Here are some of the best tips to help you juggle work and parenthood.

Stick To A Schedule

It will be easier on both you and your kids if you find a schedule that works for all of you and stick to it. Sticking to a schedule means no rushing around and running out the door late in the morning, because you know exactly what time you need to leave the house. This will make your life much less stressful, especially once your children enter school and you have to drop them off there in the morning before work.

Take Days Off

This one goes without saying, but make sure you take plenty of days off work and take care of yourself. You need time to recharge so that you can be the best parent possible. And remember, you can take time off work, but you can never take time off from being a parent. Whether your kids are teething, learning to talk, or transitioning to a crib, there’s always something going on at home that demands your attention. Lessening your load a little at work can help you to enjoy these moments more. 

Share Responsibilities

You may not want to hire a babysitter or nanny, or you may not be able to afford to. But that’s ok! You can still share some of the responsibilities of parenthood with trusted friends and family in your life. If your parents live nearby, ask them to baby sit every once in a while, or even just come over to keep an eye on the little ones while you take a nap. Most grandparents would jump at the opportunity. You can also split responsibilities with your partner or ex-partner if you have one. 

Take advantage of your support system. There are likely plenty of people who love you and your children and would be more than happy to help. Sometimes you just have to admit that you need it. 

Parenthood is already a difficult job so as you can imagine adding work into the mix makes it ten times harder! But with a little patience and some small life adjustments, you’ll find yourself killing both the parenting game and the business game, all at once!