10 Perfect Gifts to Surprise Your Loved One

Perhaps there’s a birthday right around the corner, a milestone anniversary date rapidly approaching, or you need a ‘just because’ kind of present. Sometimes all we need a little help figuring out something new and unique to gift our loved one. Why go for something boring and traditional, like roses or a new golf club?  There are plenty of ways to go a bit more creative and out there when it comes to finding the right gift. 

  •   Personalized Calendar

You know how you have all those photos of you two, doing things and going off on fun adventures?  For the most part, they just sit on our phones, not getting used, except for the occasional social media post.  Why not put them to good use! These personalized calendars allow you to submit your own photos and select one of a wide range of calendar styles.  Desktop calendars, full wall calendars, unique monthly or weekly calendars- select whichever best suits your partner’s needs and plug in a bunch of your personal photos to give them something special. 

  •   Spicy Card Games

This is a great option for the more adventurous and open couple, but this two player game is a great way to open up and get to know each other a little bit more.  The cards ask you certain personalize (sometimes R-Rated) questions about one another, about first kisses and the like, and you answer, share stories, and cross stories off on a bingo-type board. First to get five in a row wins!

  •   Protein Coffee

Protein coffee is a great way for anyone to start the day, but it’s especially great for couples. Not only does it have some pretty great health benefits, but they also taste good. My favorite brand, Complete Nutrition, tastes fantastic but is also a perfect way to start my day after working out before I head to work.   It has 15 grams of whey protein and only 1 gram of sugar, so it suits the health-oriented diet pretty well. Still unsure if protein coffee is a good idea? Feel free to read more about it and what it does for the body. 

  •   His and Hers Watches

You know what kind of gift can be especially fun? The one where you also get a little bit for yourself as well! You’re still getting something for them, but you get something too.  This set of paired his and hers watches has a decent price range for two watches, as well as a range of matching styles with larger and smaller faces, so you both match in style wherever you go. Function and fashion do go together, with this one.

  •   Customized Star Map

These custom start maps are sweet, romantic, and incredibly unique, because you can tailor the style, but more importantly, you can select a specific night, any time of the year, any specific date, and gift your significant other a map, 18”x24” of some special night.  Birthday, anniversary, night you met, favorite date, date you said those three magic words, whatever. The Twinkle in Time maps are wonderfully personalized and make elegant wall décor for any room. 

  • Personalized Wine Labels

Imagine the look of surprise and excitement on their face when you propose opening a bottle of their favorite merlot, only to see your own names or faces on the bottle itself?  You can order specialized labels, uniquely designed by you to peel-and-stick right onto whatever bottles you want. Hosting a family event? You can buy a whole bunch of them for an anniversary party or birthday party, etc.  These labels come in a wide range of ready-made designs that you can tweak and adjust to suit you and your partner.  

  • Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Some of the best gifts are the gifts that give back just as much, so you should go for the best.  We’ve also got this whole plastic-filling-the-ocean situation going down. The Kool8 reusable water canister is an eco-friendly water bottle that not only helps eliminate plastic use, but the company gives back water to places in need of fresh water resources. Obviously, you also want it to look good, which is another reason why it’s perfect.  Colorful, sleek, modern, durable- it’s one of the best water bottles out there. 

  • Customized T-Shirt

You know those funny little inside jokes you two have? Or that song line from ‘your song’? Maybe nicknames or just his favorite quote from a TV show. You can get him or her a t-shirt, customized with whatever you like on it.  Something special that no one else has. They come pretty quickly, with comfortable t-shirt fits and a great selection of color so you can personalize it to your hearts content!  You can also select sweatshirts or bags, if you think a t-shirt might not be it.  

  • Bluetooth Headphones 

Sometimes, although we don’t want to admit it, we’d love a little bit of alone time.  It might be especially true if you live together. These full ear-covering headphones are Bluetooth wireless headphones with 22-hour battery life.  A bit on the pricier side, but if you’re looking to splurge it might be just what they love. Collapsible, sleek design, incredibly comfortable ear cushions, this set will give them a little peace and quiet while they listen to a book or get work done with some music playing. 

  • CBD Oil

Jump on the latest trend of using cbd oil to relax and enjoy life. CBD oil is known to come with numerous health benefits, it’s becoming more and more accepted in the medical community and many brands are jumping in the game offering tinctures, editables even cosmetic products to choose from. And with very few to no side effects, this makes for a great gift. CBD friendly products on Amazon retail for $10-$20 dollars. 

Founder of Nanohydr8.